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Fleet Analytics Engineer




REEF Technology is the ecosystem that connects the world to your block. Each REEF hub is a thriving, connected ecosystem of businesses, cities and people, that enables and provides the delivery of products and services to more people than ever before. Each location offers a variety of services including micro-fulfillment centers, bike and scooter rental stations, electric vehicle charging, rideshare and autonomous vehicle buffering areas, community spaces for pop-up businesses, and more. 


REEF Technology has reimagined the role of a parking facility. We are the largest network of parking lots in North America, believing these locations can do a lot more than just store your car. They serve as buffers for high density, high activity areas and, as such, alleviate congestion and the ensuing pollution. But, with the explosive growth of the sharing and on-demand economy, it is expected that the need for parking to solely store cars will be outgrown by other needs.  


We are part of SoftBank, and its portfolio of leading companies transforming business and commerce at the cutting edge of technology in the world today. 


With REEF KITCHENS, we enable restaurants to reach more people in the most attractive neighborhoods in hundreds of new cities – without additional capital – by providing turnkey solutions for food preparation and delivery staging and fulfillment.  

More consumers are utilizing food delivery services every day, and while this means more opportunities for restaurants, it also means more challenges and complexity to be managed. Our REEF KITCHENS allow for on-site food preparation and our centralized locations serve as an optimal base for food delivery services, so your customers get their meals exactly as you intend them to-fast and fresh. 



What will you do? 


Use engineering and field support expertise to provide technical and engineering support to design, deployment teams, vessel operators and other internal requests. Develop engineering drawings, bills of materials to make field retrofits, modifications and upgrades. These engineers need to develop acquisitions in certain control disciplines such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), distributed control systems (DCS), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and advanced process control (APC). The utilization of these disciplines will be based on the nature of individual work activities.


More Specifically:


?      Designing and creating new control systems

?      Modifying and maintaining the existing systems

?      Liaising with contractors, suppliers, clients and relevant authorities

?      Problem solving and troubleshooting

?      Working coordinately with purchasers, team of engineers, scientists, operational engineers, design engineers and other internal personnel

?      Generating new business proposals

?      Assessing and interpreting data

?      Comprehending and ensuring that all operations are performed in compliance with the quality standards as well as safety and health regulations

?      Managing to complete the project within time and cost constrained environment

?      Preparing and approving project specifications, timescales, and budgets with managers/clients

?      Purchasing equipment, providing consultancy support and advice, writing computer software, creating test procedures, providing technical assistance and writing documentations and reports

?      Testing, assessing, calibrating and modifying instruments/products

?      Performing relevant research; producing and adopting designs.

?      Receive evaluate and manage Support Tickets

?      Investigate field reports and service requests to determine root cause of vessel performance failures.

?      Collect, analyze and chart data to report and influence Cost of Operation and Maintenance.

?      Identify and evaluate solutions to vessel performance issues.

?      Collaborate to influence vessel redesign based on field performance.

?      Develop and create retrofit and modification drawings, technical instructions and service bulletins for in service units.

?      Utilize data and performance reports to improve cost of ownership

?      Provide guidance, training and OJT to field technicians as required.

?      Manage fleet technical data, drawings and establish a document retention system.

?      Continuously improve support processes and performance issues.


Key performance objectives

?        Total Cost of Ownership Reduction

?        Production and Analysis of accurate reliable Fleet data



Now let’s talk qualifications, skills & experience. We’d love to hear from you if you have the following skills: 


Minimum Requirements

·         A degree in software, electronic, electrical, computing, mechanical engineering or applied physics is required.

·         Experience in Data Analysis, Data Engineering and/or Data Science.

·         At least 1 year of experience as a field technician or demonstrated experience in instrumentation and controls systems.


Desired Skills and Credentials

·         Experience in building, restaurant support engineering or design

·         Field Service or Support

·         Master’s Degree in an Engineering discipline


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