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With REEF KITCHENS, we enable restaurants to reach more people in the most attractive neighborhoods in hundreds of new cities – without additional capital – by providing turnkey solutions for food preparation and delivery staging and fulfillment.  


More consumers are utilizing food delivery services every day, and while this means more opportunities for restaurants, it also means more challenges and complexity to be managed. Our REEF KITCHENS allow for on-site food preparation and our centralized locations serve as an optimal base for food delivery services, so your customers get their meals exactly as you intend them to-fast and fresh.  


As Catering Director, you will be responsible for the catering channel of business at Reef. You will lead the strategy and execution including setting the KPI’s to support the growth, sales and profitability of the catering operation. This role is responsible for the on and offline marketing strategy and the maintain an CRM system. You will identify a call center to ensure menu upsells and assist onboarded brands on integrating catering into their delivery operations. This position will optimize relationships with relevant catering marketing platforms, set operating parameters and required lead time. As Catering Director, you will collaborate with local CD’s to establish Catering operations in our PK’s and identify and pilot employing our own drive delivery force. 


Primary Duties and Responsibilities  


  • Manage the catering channel of business, set the strategy and lead the execution though our CD’s, brands and markets. 
  • Set the KPI’s for the health of the channel from growth to sales profitably of the catering operations 
  • Responsible on and offline marketing strategy and tactics from the platform partnerships to direct email, social media and conferences.   
  • Maintain an CRM system for market sleepy customers for repeat orders.   
  • Assist onboarded brands from portfolio to local hero regional and National with integrating catering into their delivery operations. 
  • Engage a call center to manage order taking including menu upsell of sides, deserts and beverages. Utilize the center to monitor platform uptime, customer service and out-bound prospecting. 
  • Optimize the relationships with the relevant catering marketing platforms including but not limited to EZ Cater and Grub Hub Cater.   
  • Manage the platform operating parameter such as required lead time including photo’s menus and pricing on the platforms 
  • Collaborate with local CD’s to establish Catering operations in our PK’s including inventory, prep, packaging, hours of operation, delivery and set-up parameters for Door Dash Drive.   
  • Investigate and pilot employing our own drive delivery force.   
  • Create and Maintain the Catering operations manual and menu recipe builds. 
  • Build and maintain the most relevant catering menu by cuisine, utilizing existing ingredients wherever possible for supply chain efficiency. Shoot photos of both individual menus and catering set-ups. Support the menus with calorie counts and nutritional information. 
  • Identify the best packaging balancing costs, sustainability functionality and presentation, including both primary and secondary packaging along with brand merchandising. 
  • Integrate the catering business across the various IT from marketing to order entry, COGs & Labor management, delivery status and profit & loss. 




  • Excellent leadership, organizational, communications, interpersonal, conflict resolution and negotiating skills 
  • Willing to work flexible hours (i.e. weekends, evening) 
  • Must be extremely organized 
  • Exceptional communication skills both verbal and written 
  • Possess excellent supervisory skills 
  • Computer proficient 
  • Ability to manage various projects simultaneously. 
  • Strong ability and desire to meet deadlines. 
  • Ability to ensure profitability using persuasive tools and creating the right environment for the interested parties. 
  • Traveling 70% 



  • Bachelor’s degree in Restaurant Management, Business, Finance. Required
  • 3-5 year experience  

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