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REEF Technology is the ecosystem that connects the world to your block. Each REEF hub is a thriving, connected ecosystem of businesses, cities and people, that enables and provides the delivery of products and services to more people than ever before. Each location offers a variety of services including micro-fulfillment centers, bike and scooter rental stations, electric vehicle charging, rideshare and autonomous vehicle buffering areas, community spaces for pop-up businesses, and more.

REEF Technology has reimagined the role of a parking facility. We are the largest network of parking lots in North America, believing these locations can do a lot more than just store your car. They serve as buffers for high density, high activity areas and, as such, alleviate congestion and the ensuing pollution. But, with the explosive growth of the sharing and on-demand economy, it is expected that the need for parking to solely store cars will be outgrown by other needs.

We are part of SoftBank, and its portfolio of leading companies transforming business and commerce at the cutting edge of technology in the world today.

With REEF KITCHENS, we enable restaurants to reach more people in the most attractive neighborhoods in hundreds of new cities – without additional capital – by providing turnkey solutions for food preparation and delivery staging and fulfillment.

More consumers are utilizing food delivery services every day, and while this means more opportunities for restaurants, it also means more challenges and complexity to be managed. Our REEF KITCHENS allow for on-site food preparation and our centralized locations serve as an optimal base for food delivery services, so your customers get their meals exactly as you intend them to-fast and fresh.

Who are you?

A highly capable leader—the transformation Director will significantly improve the chances of a successful transformation. You will be a high-level orchestrator of a complex process that involves large numbers of discrete initiatives. Responsible for making the day-to-day decisions and implementing those initiatives lies with line managers You will drive the organization forward and establish new ways to execute efficiency and productive

What will you do?

• Identify strategic impacts of transformational activities and develop/execute activities to effectively support the transformation
• Execute strategies and tools to engage impacted stakeholders to increase understanding, build support for the program, and ensure a smooth transition with minimal business disruption
• Advise/consult with stakeholders and business leaders, PMO, Operational Directors, on developing our strategic and tactical messaging
• Act as an internal consultant and trusted advisor to the business to ensure that the message of transformation is appropriately delivered to all aspects of the organization.
• Determine, draft and execute appropriate messaging and activities that align and support the BTO Knowledge/Skills/Competencies/Education:
• Lead project teams leading transformational efforts on key work-streams
• Identify and create business requirements for tools, systems, and processes.
• Create a system to evaluate the success of any adjustments made within the organization and present any findings.
• Implement any changes sensitively and with minimal disruption.
• You may be required to oversee and manage issues regarding the premises. This may involve negotiating tenancy agreements where necessary.
• Ensure the company runs in a compliant manner.

         Now let’s talk qualifications, skills & experience. We’d love to hear from you if you have:

  • • Bachelor's degree in a related field required. Master's degree preferred
  • • 8+ years successfully developing and leading business optimization strategies and programs, including offshoring, office consolidation, reduction in force, M&A         integration, process improvements.
    • Ability to distill complex strategies and ideas into effective messaging across the spectrum of stakeholders, including senior executives, business leaders and staff.
    • Strong track record and positive reputation to influence others and move toward a company’s vision 
    • Ability to independently translate high-level goals into actionable plans
    • Problem-solving and hustling mindset, ready to crack any challenge that comes your way
    • Strong interpersonal skills – ability to build relationships, lead a team, manage employees. 
    • Availability to create a productive work environment
    • Excellent communication abilities (oral and written)
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Organizational skills

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